The LITTLE KITCHEN Shop’s line of aromatherapy jewelry–Vesuvius Lava Bracelets and Necklaces–can now be found on Etsy!

Use your Vesuvius Lava Bracelet or Necklace with your favorite essential oils.

How to use Essential Oils with your Lava Bracelet:

  1. Put one drop of your favorite essential oil directly onto the lava bead, let it soak in.
  2. Put one drop of your favorite essential oil in a dish and let your lava bracelet soak the oil up.

Every one of our products is handmade, so texture and appearance will vary from product to product. This is normal and part of what makes each of our creations unique. You can rest assured that the product you receive–whether it is a candle, bracelet, or necklace–was made with care and passion.