After purging my home from all commercial cleaners, synthetic perfumes, and toxic beauty products–all of which would cause me to continuously break out in hives and rashes–I discovered the amazing benefits of essential oils. I first thought it wasn’t a big deal to buy essential oils from one of the two big stores in my small town even though their bottles listed several ingredients I couldn’t even pronounce. When I started making clean-burning candles, simple and safe home cleaners, and all of my own beauty products, I began scrutinizing all of the ingredients I was using. It was then that I realized that if I wanted to use essential oils, quality matters!


Shortly after realizing that finding pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils was more difficult than I had anticipated, I found doTERRA. I was impressed right away not only with the short ingredient lists (all pure!), but with the amazing community ready to welcome me in and teach me how to live healthier.

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