“If there was a volcano under their feet, a Vesuvius that could erupt and bury this modern-day Pompeii at any moment, the best thing to do was dance on it. ”
― Deborah Davis, Strapless: John Singer Sargent and the Fall of Madame X

When I was twenty-two-years-old, I climbed Mount Vesuvius. I didn’t realize as I was making the slow climb upwards that Vesuvius is still an active volcano. Upon reaching the top, I looked out over the city of Napoli (Naples). The tour guide was talking to us, but I wasn’t listening. I was taking in the city sprawled out below. An hour before I had walked along a narrow, busy road trying not to get hit by the speeding motorists while licking the lemon ice dripping down my arm from the too-small cone. When the last chunk of ice fell from my paper cone, a stray dog was there to lick it up from the cobbled street. There were dogs everywhere. There were nearly as many stray dogs as speeding motorists and camera-hugging tourists. Right when I began to feel a little claustrophobic, we made our way to the base of Vesuvius.

From the top of that still-active volcano, I looked down on a city of nearly a million souls wondering why they would live in such a place. Why would you live with a volcano looming over you, constantly steaming as a reminder of your impending doom?

Holding onto the metal railing, I leaned over trying to see the volcano’s heart. I couldn’t see anything and the tour guide had already moved along with my group to a stand selling postcards from the top of this volcano.

Whether or not we live under an active volcano, or on a fault line, or in a flood zone, we could all use a reminder of just how precious life is and how important it is to live in the present. Be present. Be now. Be grounded.

With deadlines, ceaseless emails, and too many projects filling up our days, it is easy to lose sight of what is truly important in life. As a reminder, I began to wear a bracelet I had made with three lava beads.


The added bonus? I soon found out that lava beads can absorb essential oils and hold their scents for hours. The first day I wore my lava bracelet, I was amazed with how long the oils lasted! Since that first day, I have worn one of my lava bracelets with a drop of doTERRA essential oil every day.

I am grounded, present, and trying to live every day as if there was a volcano nearby sending its steam reminder into the heavens.

Live in the moment. Dance in the face of danger. Thrive.