My Vesuvius Lava Bracelets are now for sale!


My Vesuvius Essential Oil Bracelets are each made with natural, lava rock beads and other glass, wood, or metal beads. Lava beads can absorb liquids, such as essential oils, and hold their scent for HOURS, which makes the Vesuvius bracelet a wonderful, therapeutic part of your everyday.

—->Place just one drop of your favorite essential oil on the lava beads, let it soak in, and then wear your bracelet all day. Need a boost of motivation? Place one drop of grapefruit or peppermint on your Vesuvius bracelet. Stressed out? Try a drop of lavender or rosemary. Feeling down? Ylang ylang or orange on your Vesuvius bracelet might just be the thing you need!

Each bracelet is handmade by me, The Little Kitchen, so texture, style, and appearance will vary from bracelet to bracelet. What you see in the above picture is what you will be receiving. You can rest assured that the bracelet you receive was made with care and passion.

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